3 Easy Ways to Get Rid of Bleach Smell on a Mattress

If you cleaned your mattress with bleach, chances are the bleach smell is still there. Since it’s a difficult odor to remove completely, you might have to take some extra steps, after cleaning the mattress.

1. Pour Baking Soda on the Mattress and Let It Sit for a While

As I already explained, baking soda should be your go-to product when you need help to soak up unwanted odors. All you need to do is remove all the bedding from the mattress, leaving it bare. Then, pour baking soda over the parts of the mattress that smell of bleach. Let the baking soda sit for 1–2 hours (the longer, the better) and then vacuum the soda from the mattress.

Make sure you use the upholstery vacuum brush, so that you won’t damage the mattress in the process!

2. Use Carpet Shampoo on the Mattress

Another good way to get rid of the bleach smell is to clean the mattress with a rug shampoo. The shampoo will smell good and potentially remove the bleach odor completely. Make sure you rub the shampoo thoroughly into the areas which smell, then let the mattress air dry.

3. Steam Clean the Mattress

If you own a steam cleaner, I assume you’re well aware of what it can do to help you clean your carpet. But did you know that it can work for the mattress too? Steam cleaning the mattress will help you get rid of not only the bleach smell but also bed bugs, dust, and any other unpleasantries.

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