How Much Does It Cost to Paint a Bedroom? (DIY or Pro)

If you own a home, one expense that you can be sure will come up now and then is painting your bedrooms. Painting rooms in your home is a great way to change the aesthetic and enhance the atmosphere. However, many homeowners are unclear about how much it costs to paint their bedrooms, either as a DIY project or by hiring painters.

It costs $140 to $1,600 to paint a bedroom. If you’re attempting the task as a DIY job, you’ll need to buy roughly $100 worth of equipment like ladders, rollers, and brushes and pay at least $40 for your paint. Professional painters charge more, with prices ranging from $300 to $1,600+.

Continue reading for a breakdown of the costs and fees involved in getting your bedroom painted. I will explore ways to do it yourself at a low price and what you can expect to pay for expert help. By the end of this piece, you’ll know all you need to start changing the colors in your room.

How Much Do Professional Painters Charge for an Interior Wall?

You’ll need to take measurements of your bedroom before hiring painters for the job. Painters often quote their prices based on the square foot of a room. Once the painters know your square footage, they’ll estimate the total cost as they typically charge per square foot.

Professional painters charge between $1.50 and $3 per square foot for an interior wall. You may also have to pay additional fees and charges, such as primers for the surface. On top of this, you could pay more for materials and paints if the painter chooses to work with certain paints.

To measure the square footage of your bedroom wall, you’ll need a measuring tape. Using the tape, measure the height and the width of the wall in feet. Once you’ve got both measurements, you’ll need to multiply them to get the square foot.

For example, your bedroom wall is 10 feet high and 15 feet long. Then the surface area of the wall is 150 square feet.

If that bedroom has four walls of equal size, the total surface area of the bedroom will be 150 Square feet multiplied by four which is 600 square feet. Therefore painters who charge $1.50 per square foot will charge $900 to paint the space.

How Much Does Painting Your Bedroom as a DIY Project Cost?

Hiring professionals to paint your bedroom can be a costly endeavor. Especially if you’re having more than one room painted as the costs quickly add up. However, painting your bedroom as a DIY project is much cheaper and can save you a fortune by hiring an expert.

Painting your bedroom as a DIY project costs more than $140. This price includes all of the equipment and supplies for the job; however, depending on where you live and the quality of materials you purchase, the price may be higher. In contrast, the price will be lower if you already have materials.

The cost of painting your bedroom will also vary depending on the size of your room. A larger bedroom means more walls, more walls means more paint, and more paint means a higher cost. Therefore, if you have a large bedroom, you may have to pay $200 for the paint alone.

How Much Paint Do You Need to Cover Your Bedroom?

Before you rush off to the hardware store searching for new color paint for your walls, you’ll need to assess how much paint you need. The last thing you want is to run out of paint while adding a coat. So how much color is enough to cover the walls in your bedroom?

You’ll need two gallons of paint to cover your bedroom, provided you live in an average size room. For larger rooms, you’ll need more paint, and less for smaller rooms. Two gallons of paint is typically enough to cover 800 square feet, which is an average room.

How Long Does It Take to Paint a Bedroom?

By this stage, you’re aware of the costs involved in hiring a team of experts to come over and paint your room. However, you’ll likely be wondering about how long this process takes. Can you paint a bedroom in a day, or is it a more protracted process?

It takes two to four days to paint a bedroom. However, some designs and larger rooms may take longer to get the job done. It takes time to prep and prime a wall before adding paint. Then once painted, you must wait for it to dry before assessing whether another coating is necessary.

It usually takes longer to paint a bedroom wall bright colors than dark colors. This is because paint with lighter colors typically requires more coats to ensure you get the color you want. As a result, it may take a couple of days longer to paint your bright bedroom yellow rather than a dark brown.

Larger rooms will also take more time to paint. For example, if you live in a huge house and you have a spacious bedroom, it’ll likely take longer to paint than a small room in an apartment. As a result, you’ll need to take the scale of the project into account when estimating how long the job will take.

Is It Hard to Paint Your Own Bedroom?

Painting your bedroom as a DIY project is absolutely cheaper than hiring a professional team for the job. However, just because it’s the more affordable option does not mean that it is a good one, especially if you do a poor job. So is painting your bedroom risky? Or is this a relatively straightforward task?

It is not hard to paint your own bedroom. Provided you have the right equipment for the job, are able-bodied, and know some valuable tips and tricks, you can easily paint the interior walls in your home to great success.

The first step in getting started on a DIY paint job is buying the equipment you’ll need. I’ve already discussed at length the costs of paint. However, you’ll also need the following equipment to paint your own bedroom:

  • Paintbrushes of different sizes
  • Rollers
  • Buckets
  • Ladders
  • Rolling trays
  • A protective covering
  • Rags to clean mistakes

Assembling this equipment could cost you north of $100.

It’s essential not to use too much paint on the roller or paintbrush at any one time. This creates a mess and will leave streaks on your bedroom walls. You must also ensure that you apply an even covering of paint on each coat to prevent patches from appearing in the end result.

How to Save Money on Paint

One expense that you are sure to encounter when painting your bedroom is paint. You’ll likely need a few gallons of paint, and prices vary significantly between brands and varieties. So how do you know which paint to buy without breaking the bank and going over budget?

Here are some tips to save money on paint:

  • Shop around
  • Don’t be too picky
  • Buy in bulk
  • Purchase good quality paint

See below for a breakdown of these tips:

Shop Around

Paint, just like anything else, will vary depending on where you’re buying it. As a result, you should search all of your local hardware stores to see which one offers a color you want at a low price. Shopping around also allows you to find any bargains or sales, which could save you a fortune.

Don’t Be Too Picky

Whenever you search for a good deal, you usually have to make certain sacrifices to get the sale. One sacrifice that I recommend making is not being too picky about paint color. If you look at colors similar to what you want, you’ll likely find a cheaper alternative that produces similar results.

Buy in Bulk

If you’re only painting one room of your home, it might seem a silly idea to purchase paint in bulk. However, buying in bulk is usually cheaper per unit than purchasing in smaller amounts. Additionally, paint can be stored for years if the can is not opened. As a result, you’ll be able to use the surplus paint elsewhere on your property later, or use it for touch-ups on your bedroom walls.

Purchase Good Quality Paint

When you’re painting on a budget, buying the cheapest paint may seem like the most brilliant move. However, cheap paint could require additional layers to get the finish you want. As a result, you use more paint than you would if you used good quality paint.

Paying a little extra for better quality paint will offer you better coverage, and you’ll need to apply fewer coats to get excellent results.

Final Thoughts

It can cost anywhere from $140 upwards to paint your bedroom as a DIY job, provided you need to buy painting equipment beforehand. Hiring professionals for the job will cost you at least $300, although it’s likely to be much higher.

Painting an average-sized bedroom will usually take about 2-4 days. Depending on the color of paint you choose and how many coats are needed, the job could go on for longer. However, painting your bedroom’s walls is a straightforward task for able-bodied individuals, provided you know the basics.

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