6 Effective Steps to Get Rid of Weevils in Your Bedroom

Weevils are virtually harmless, but they can be sneaky little creatures. They creep through holes and broken seals of your doors and windows and eventually end up in places like your bedroom. It can be a bit overwhelming trying to rid these insects of your personal space, but there are simple ways you can eliminate them.

The best way to get rid of weevils in your bedroom is to clean everything, including the floors, nightstands, and dressers. You should eliminate any food sources that would attract them. There are noninvasive options to aid in deterring and removing weevils, like diatomaceous earth and glue traps.

It’s time to retake your home and your bedroom. This article will discuss steps to help eliminate your bedroom’s harmless but pesky weevil bugs.

1. Thoroughly Clean Your Bedroom to Eliminate Weevils

Many people eat in their bedroom, and you would be surprised how tiny crumbs can litter your bedroom floor, even when you believe you’re being careful. If you aren’t among those that like to snack in the bedroom, you can still track food to your bedroom as you walk throughout the house. Where there’s food, there are bugs.

Clean Your Floor and Carpet Surfaces

It would be best if you cleaned all areas of the bedroom floor, including corners. If you have carpet or rugs, vacuum thoroughly to remove all debris and weevils that may nestle in the fibers. If you can, remove your rug and give it a good shake outside to remove everything on the underside.

You should thoroughly clean hardwood floors as well as carpets.

Keeping the floors in your bedroom clean can help reduce the chances of having a weevil infestation and other creatures.

Clean the Surfaces of Dressers and Nightstands

You should wipe down all the surfaces in your bedroom, including dressers and nightstands. Use warm water with a couple of drops of soap and a cloth for cleaning. Some have suggested wiping surfaces with white vinegar because it’s a natural way to kill and deter weevils.

2. Find the Source Where the Weevils Originated

These tiny beetles feed on grains and are known to come from contaminated foods in the pantry. They can also enter your home through broken seals of windows and doors. So, once you’ve thoroughly cleaned your bedroom, you’ll want to check other areas to prevent more from venturing into your personal space.

If you don’t get rid of the source, you’ll keep finding these little guys making their way to all areas of your home, including your bedroom.

If you would like to know what these critters look like in your home, check out this YouTube video:

Check Your Pantry Foods for Weevils

Go through your pantry and inspect the dry grains and open packages. You should also check the closed boxes because sneaky weevils can get into unopened packages by chewing through cardboard and plastic.

This problem is why it’s recommended you transfer gains into containers with seals — it’s not just to keep them fresh!

Do a clean-out of any contaminated food and food that has been left open, like cereals. Clean and wipe down the shelves, as mentioned previously, with warm soapy water and then white vinegar. This cleaning should prevent more weevils from showing up in other rooms of your house, like your bedroom.

Check the Window and Door Seals for Weevil Entry Points

Weevils are tiny so that they can fit through the small holes and cracks in your home’s sealed windows and doors. Especially when the weather isn’t in their favor, they’ll attempt to take up residence in your home as an ideal hideaway.

Use caulk to reseal any cracks and holes around your windows and replace any weather strips on your doors that have worn down.

3. Sprinkle Diatomaceous Earth on Carpets to Deter Weevils

Diatomaceous earth is a natural resource used for many things around the home, inside and outside. People use it to aid in pest control in the garden and yard. Diatomaceous earth consists of clay minerals, silica, and fossilized remains of diatoms, which are hard-shelled microalgae.

People usually grind this natural substance to a powder with sharp particles that are abrasive and cut into the endoskeleton of insects. When this happens, the insects dry out from the powder and die. This dehydration is why diatomaceous earth effectively rids insects from areas in your yard, garden, and even inside your home.

Sprinkling diatomaceous earth in your home will help eliminate insect problems, including weevils!

You can sprinkle the diatomaceous earth powder on your rugs and carpet in your bedroom — a little goes a long way! Covering entryways and perimeters will help reduce the weevil population in your room. You can reapply the diatomaceous earth after each vacuum.

You can find diatomaceous earth at your local hardware, department, or farm store. Ensure there are no additives in the product you buy. Look for diatomaceous earth labeled as food grade, so it’s safe to use.

4. Lay Glue Traps in Your Room to Capture Weevils

Glue traps and sticky cards are a cheap and effective way to significantly reduce the population of all things creepy crawly, including your pesky weevils!

There are different types of glue traps and sticky cards, with the most familiar being trays filled with a sticky gel substance that traps anything that walks over top of it. People typically use them for mice, but you’ll quickly find out bugs of all sorts also become trapped with no way to escape. You will need to take caution using these in your bedroom if kids or pets frequent the area.

Bugs frequent dark areas such as under furniture and around the perimeter of rooms. So, placing the glue trap where bugs will most likely travel would be best. The following are great places to put the glue traps in your bedroom:

  • Room corners.
  • Under your bed.
  • Under dressers and side tables/nightstands.
  • Behind the door.
  • In your closet.

You can buy glue traps and sticky pads from your local hardware store.

5. Use Herbs to Repel Weevils

Certain herbs are a pest deterrent for weevils and other creepy crawly insects that invade your personal space. You can use herbs in fresh or dried form or even as an oil. The following herbs are just some that deter insects, including weevils:

  • Bay leaf.
  • Peppermint.
  • Lavender.
  • Eucalyptus.
  • Tea tree.
  • Citronella.

I recommend Dr. Killigan’s Non-Toxic Insect Spray as it effectively repels and eliminates insects such as weevils without harming your pets, children, and environment.

Using bay leaves in your grain containers is highly suggested to prevent weevils and cockroaches from contaminating your foods.

Place Herbal Sachets in Your Room to Repel Weevils

Sachets are small mesh or porous bags you can place herbs in to add aroma. You may be familiar with potpourri sachets that are popular around the year’s end holidays. You can easily make sachets with the herbs in your pantry and use them throughout your house.

The weevils will hate the aroma of the herbs mentioned above filling the rooms of your home, and they will scatter to a more appealing area, hopefully back outside!

Herbal Oils Can Be Effective Against Weevils

Spreading fresh or dry herbs in your bedroom may not appeal to you, so consider using these beneficial herbs in oil, such as sweet basil, to keep the weevils away. You can spread several drops around your room and doorway. Once the oil absorbs, the strength of the herb scent will lessen, and after several days you may need to reapply drops of oil.

Botswana College of Agriculture: Weevil Repellent Study

This study compared the effects of natural products on cowpea weevils. Garlic, chili peppers, and peppermint were tested and shown to reduce those pesky weevils from destroying the cowpea plant immensely. Garlic and chili peppers had a higher effective rate than peppermint, which wasn’t far behind.

Garlic and some peppers are beneficial in gardening to keep pests from destroying crops, and this study provides factual information to back up the claim.

6. Use Insecticide for Severe Weevil Infestations

If you’ve gone through the rest of the steps and your bedroom is still overrun with weevils, you may want to consider an insecticide. Before running out and buying the first insecticide on the shelf, you’ll need to ensure it includes weevils in the insects it kills. You can find insecticides at your local hardware or department store.

Take caution with insecticides in your home. The fumes may be too pungent for you or your pets’ sensitive noses. Follow the directions for using this product inside your home, and wear protective gloves and a mask when handling chemicals.

Final Thoughts

Weevils, although harmless to humans, can be quite a nuisance. These little buggers can be found in all home areas but are more likely to come from your pantry area. If you find the weevils are weaseling their way into your bedroom, there are several actions you can take to fix the problem.

The best way to get rid of weevils in your bedroom is to clean the floor and surfaces thoroughly. Eliminate food sources and points of entry to your home that would attract weevils. Try the natural remedies mentioned or consider insecticide if you have a severe infestation.

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