Can a Headboard Be Attached to Any Bed Frame?

So, you’ve come across the perfect headboard that will bring that “wow” factor to your bedroom, but you aren’t sure whether it will fit your bed. You might be wondering if a headboard can be attached to any bed frame.

A headboard can be attached to any standard bed frame as long as they match in size. This means a typical bed frame can support any headboard fitted for its size. For example, a twin-size bed frame is compatible with any twin-size headboard.

Come along with me as I take you through the guidelines for choosing the right headboard in size and type. I’ll also show you how to attach the headboard you’ve opted for, to a bed frame, with tips.

Bed Sizes vs. Headboard Sizes: Choosing the Right Headboard Size

A typical headboard is based on the bed size.

Here, I’ll look at the various bed frame sizes and the headboards compatible with them. I have used a table to summarize the information. This should guide you in choosing the right headboard size for your bed.

Bed SizeStandard Bed Frame Dimensions (W x L)Standard Headboard Dimensions (W x H)  
Twin38″ × 75″41″ × 14″
Twin XL38″ × 80″41″ × 14″
Full54″ × 75″56″ × 28″
Queen60″ × 80″62″ × 28″
King76″ × 80″80″ × 58″
California King72″ × 84″74” × 58″

A vast majority of headboards are standard, but you can find some that are extra wide or tall.

A headboard is classified as standard if its width is 0-3 inches wider than your standard bed frame. Anything more than that is extra size.

On the other hand, a standard headboard height is approximately 14-29 inches from the mattress top. There are, nonetheless, taller headboards mainly used for aesthetic purposes.

You can buy any headboard you desire, provided it’s compatible with your bed frame.

Choosing the Right Headboard Type for Your Bed Frame

Now that you are familiar with the various headboard sizes available in the market, let’s look at the different headboard types based on attachment methods. These types are:

  • Frame-mounted
  • Wall-mounted
  • Free-standing

Frame-Mounted (Strutted) Headboard

A frame-mounted headboard is tailored to attach directly to the bed frame. It comes with an assembly package containing struts with holes or horizontal slots for fitting purposes.

Before buying a strutted headboard, you should ensure its fitting points are compatible with your bed frame.

How to Attach a Strutted Headboard to a Bed Frame

Most bed frames come with drilled screw holes and bolts already fitted. If yours doesn’t have them, you’ll have to drill them yourself. If they do, proceed to the first installation step.

Step 1: Locate the Holes in the Frame

You’ll easily see the holes on both sides of the bed for a naked wooden frame. However, for an upholstered frame, you’ll have to locate the spots beneath the cloth with your finger. Upon finding them, you’ll pierce them with a sharp object.

Step 2: Mount the Headboard to the Frame

Situate the headboard against the frame so that the struts align with the screw holes of the bed. You can use the help of an assistant to hold the headboard in place, but if you are alone, try using makeshift support like a piece of furniture.

When in position, insert the bolts through the gaps of the struts and loosely screw them into the bed holes.

Note: if your bed frame didn’t come with bolts, inquire from an expert about the right size of bolts to purchase.

Step 3: Determine Your Desired Headboard Height

After loosely placing the bolts into the frame, adjust the headboard to your preferred height. You can place a mattress on the bed to give you a better judgment.

Once you’ve attained the right height, tighten the bolts using a wrench to secure the headboard in position safely.

To understand this installment process better, watch this YouTube video.

You can also check out this Flash Furniture Cambridge Tufted Upholstered Queen Size Headboard from Amazon. It comes in different colors and sizes, and it’s effortless to assemble.

Wall-Mounted Headboard

A wall-mounted headboard is fitted directly on the wall. This type is a favorite of many since it doesn’t need to match the bed. You can play around with different sizes too. Another selling point for this type is that you can change your bed without having to tamper with the headboard.

Before you attach your headboard to the wall, ensure to:

  • Determine how high you want it to be and mark the points where the lower and higher edges will sit.
  • Determine where the hooks/cleats of the headboard will be attached to the wall.
  • Locate studs behind the wall where you’ll attach the cleats. It is vital that you mount the cleats to studs and not on the drywall.
  • Test the cleat after attaching it to the wall to ensure it’s strong enough to support the headboard.

This YouTube video demonstrates how you can attach a headboard to the wall.

Free-Standing Headboard

As the name suggests, these headboards can stand without attaching to a bed frame or wall. You can, however, put it between your bed and a wall for extra support.

However, some freestanding headboards are designed with fixing points at their bases through which you can attach to your bed the same way you do a frame-mounted headboard.

Here is a YouTube video showing how you can install a freestanding headboard.

Freestanding headboards also come in different designs, which can be functional as well as aesthetic. For instance, check out this freestanding Prepac Queen Bookcase Headboard from Amazon. It functions as a bookshelf and provides an aesthetic statement to your room.

3 Tips to Properly Install a Headboard

Here are a few tips to make sure you’re correctly installing your headboard. Getting the right measurements and being prepared with the correct tools is essential for your success.

Determine the Right Headboard Measurements

Before deciding which headboard to buy, you need to get the correct measurements of your bed frame. Measure the width between the screw holes to get the right headboard size.

Additionally, it would be best if you considered other furniture near the bed, like the lampstands on either side. You’ll want to install a headboard that accommodates them.

Have the Correct Installation Tools

For a headboard to be installed appropriately, you’ll need the correct installation equipment. You’ll require the following tools:

  • Hammer
  • Drill
  • Measuring tape
  • Screwdriver
  • A level

Using the right tools makes the work much easier and helps avoid making mistakes. Imagine realizing the headboard is crookedly placed after all that hassle when you could have simply used a level.

Get an Assistant

It’s also essential to have extra hands to help with measuring, lifting, and holding the headboard in place for attachment. Headboards can be heavy and doing the work yourself can be next to impossible. You’ll also risk getting injured.

Getting help will make the job faster and smoother. More hands are better than two.

Final Words

The centerpiece in any bedroom is a bed, and a headboard is a perfect way to accentuate it. Headboards not only make your bed look stylish but also serve various functionalities. So, whatever the reason you buy a headboard, ensure it is the right size for your bed frame. Use the information in this post to find and install the perfect headboard for your frame.

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