How to Hide a Spare Mattress in Plain Sight

Being prepared for overnight guests means having the available space and a bed for them to sleep on. If you have a small apartment, the chances are that you don’t have any available space to accommodate an overnight guest other than on the sofa. Even if you have a larger home, making space for a guest bed is not always possible, but keeping a spare mattress tucked away for when it’s needed might be.

A spare mattress can be hidden from plain sight in many creative ways in your home. Install a murphy bed or a hide-away bed under the stairs. A day bed, a foldaway bed, a sofa bed, a sleeper couch, and a bed in a box are all great ways to keep a spare mattress out of sight.

Guest beds are useful to have when friends stay overnight or when someone from out-of-town needs somewhere to stay for one or two days. The problem lies in storing the mattress from the bed when it is not being used. If you do have regular overnight guests who need a place to sleep, are there any clever ways to hide a spare mattress in plain sight so that it does not look out of place in your home?

Why Do You Need to Hide a Spare Mattress?

A spare mattress can be a bulky item in your home, but it could be necessary to your way of life and worth keeping for guests who sleep over regularly. Trying to find the ideal hiding place for a bulky mattress can cause unnecessary stress, especially if you only need to use the mattress occasionally.

The ideal spare mattress would be a blow-up mattress, but sometimes it’s more cost-effective to have a solid mattress for when guests stay over. The perfect spare mattress for your home should be functional. It should not take up all the available space in your home and ideally should be repurposed and used elsewhere in your home.

How Can I Hide a Mattress in Plain Sight?

A blow-up mattress could be the ideal sleeping solution for an overnight guest, other than the sofa in the living room. But what do you do if you don’t have a blow-up mattress and would still like to be prepared for overnight guests at a moment’s notice?

Are there any other ways to use a spare mattress in the home? What other comfortable options do you have for accommodating your guests overnight without the seldom-used mattress encroaching on your space?

A spare mattress can be used in many creative ways in your home between guest visits. If used correctly, it will be hiding in plain sight without anyone else knowing it is there!

Here’s how to hide a spare mattress in plain sight.

Murphy Bed for Overnight Guests

If floor space is a problem in your home, this is the perfect out-of-sight bed. The bed and mattress simply fold up into a closet that spans the wall’s length from floor to ceiling. When the Murphy bed is folded up, the space in front of the closet is freed up to be used for any other purpose.

This type of bed can be installed anywhere in any space in your home and can be any size. The entire bed is disguised, and no one other than you will know of its existence! When your guests are using the bed, fold the bed up with the bedding still covering the mattress. No need to find pack-away space during the day.

Hide-Away Bed Under the Stairs

In many homes, the space under the stairway is used as a storage area. Why not turn it into a cozy, functional day bed area? By building a fitted base, the mattress will lie snugly on top, creating storage space underneath. The bed can be used as an extra seating area during the day and for a sleeping area at night. For additional privacy when guests are staying over, hang a curtain around the space.

Comfy Day Bed for Visitors

A stylish day bed can double for an overnight visitor bed without making any changes to your lifestyle. Simply cover the mattress during the day with a colorful throw and some pillows. Remove these at night and replace them with clean bedding and fluffy pillows for your overnight guest.

Sofa Bed in the Living Room

Most of us know all about this way to hide a mattress in plain sight! A sofa bed is a great way to use any space. The stylish sofa bed can be used as a sofa during the day and then pulled out into a bed at night. During the day, the mattress is folded up into the sofa, hidden away until it’s needed.

Cover the mattress with clean bedding and soft pillows for a refreshing night’s sleep.

Foldaway Chair Bed

A foldaway chair bed is an upgrade on the foldaway guest bed that is wheeled into the garage when not in use! A foldaway chair bed can be a stylish addition to your living space during the day and then folded down into a bed at night.

The chair resembles a recliner, so the mattress stretches from the top of the chair down to the ground. When the chair is laid flat, the mattress is a full-length adult-sized mattress. Add clean bedding and soft pillows – you might just leave the chair unfolded as a bed in your living room; it is so comfortable!

Bed in a Drawer 

A favorite with children, this trundle bed with mattress hides underneath another bed next to the side panels and is pulled out when needed. Some beds can be high enough off the ground to safely store two mattress beds underneath, one under the other. The third bed is close to the floor, but it still has a solid base to keep the mattress clean.

When all of the beds are packed away, each under the one above, you cannot see that the top bed hides the others in plain view!

The Overnight Sleeper Couch Sofa

If you do have a small space, the sleeper couch sofa is an excellent investment for your living room. The back of the sofa can fold down at night to create a double-sized bed while being used during the day as a regular sofa. There is no furniture maneuvering needed with a sleeper couch sofa!

Another great way to use a sleeper couch sofa is as a comfy bench for your dining table. Simply use the sofa as a bench along one side of the table and place chairs along the other side. A comfortable, stylish way to entertain your guests  – and no one will know that they are sitting on a bed!


Keeping an extra mattress in your home for the occasional overnight visitor can bring out your creative side when deciding what to do with the extra mattress or guest bed.

Luckily, there are so many different styles of guest beds available that you should not have any problems with incorporating a spare bed into your décor and hiding the mattress in plain sight!

Do your research first before purchasing your spare bed. There are many ideas online to help you create the ideal guest space for your home!

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